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I’ve never been much for wearing watches, as I’m more of a check the time on my cell phone kind of girl.  But, there is something very classic about wearing a watch.  Checking the time on a cell phone just isn’t as, well, elegant as checking it on your wrist.  My problem, of course, is that most watches for women are usually really girly and I’m more of a converse girl, than a high heels girl.  My new watch from the Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington, however, is just classic enough that it fits with my relaxed style, but will still look awesome when I’m wearing a suit on a job interview.  It’s a very hard working watch!  

Now, anyone who follows this blog knows I don’t normally promote brands on this site.  In fact, I almost turned down Daniel Wellington’s offer to let me review a watch from their collection, until I looked at the website that is.  The watches were just too beautiful to say no.  

It took me ages to choose my favorite watch:


I chose the Classic Sheffield with the Rose Gold face.  The watch itself is very simple, with a thick black leather strap and a thin, un-numbered watch face.  But, the combination of the rose gold face and black leather strap makes it match just about anything – including my beat up Chuck Taylors.

There are tons of other gorgeous watches on the site, including the Classic York Lady and the Classy Bristol.  Both would look great on any woman’s arm.  For the men, I’m a huge fan of the Classic St Andrews.  All of the watches come with the ability to swap out the band, making it easier to dress up – or down – the watch if you’d like.  They also have really beautiful striped bands that are colorful, and would go great for a summer party.

Now, here’s the best part: Daniel Wellington has been generous enough to give one lucky reader the opportunity to choose their very own Daniel Wellington watch!  I’ll officially open the giveaway next week, but I really wanted to share the news.  So, in the meantime check out the Daniel Wellington website and start picking out your favorite – who knows, it may soon be wrapped around your wrist!  Also, don’t forget that Daniel Wellington is still offering 15% off anything on their website when you use the code “2014-Stormtrooper”.  Valentine’s Day is coming up…maybe a watch would be the perfect gift?  The offer is good until the end of January, so don’t miss out (and they ship worldwide).  

Daniel Wellington provided me the watch in order to facilitate this review.  While Daniel Wellington sponsored this post, all opinions are my own.

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